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Amazon Prime Videos VS Netflix Which is Better in 2021

Streaming is your way to go if you’re someone whose day doesn’t end without watching a movie or Tv show and we are talking about Amazon Prime VS Netflix. In today’s date, Netflix is probably the most favored and widely used streaming service internationally. It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if already own a Netflix subscription since it’s quite popular. However, a new streaming service from Amazon is making its way into the industry.

We’re talking about Amazon Prime Video which seems to be taking over the streaming industry in the world, at least. Well, both the services are quite flawless and m ideal for your streaming fix. Although if we look at Netflix vs Amazon Prime video they both provide similar services, they’re supremely different when it comes to the content and pricing of the service. You may find it quite difficult to make a choice between these two streaming giants as both of them are exceptionally good at satisfying your streaming needs.

But, if you were to go with one of these two, then this article would definitely prove to be useful. Today, in this article, we’re going to compare the most popular streaming services i.e Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the topic straight away.

Check the comparison B/W Amazon Prime VS Netflix in 2020- 2021

Pricing Comparison

Pricing is probably the biggest factor when deciding the streaming service you’d want to subscribe. The pricing of Netflix starts from $8.99 and goes all the way up to $15.99. Netflix is currently offering three different plans i.e Basic ($8.99), Standard ($12.99), Premium ($15.99). It doesn’t matter which plan you stumble upon, you will get full access to the content such as Movies, Tv shows, Netflix Originals, etc.

The only difference between the plans is the streaming quality and the number of users allowed to watch simultaneously. For instance, the basic plan enables you to watch your favorite Movie or Tv in standard quality, and only one person is allowed to use the account at a time. The standard plan of Netflix will let you watch the content in HD format and the account can be shared up to 2 persons. Now comes the premium plan, which will let you watch your desired content in HD and ultra-HD formats, and you will get to share the account with up to 4 people. That’s all there is to it!

Now coming to the pricing of Amazon Prime Videos, there aren’t any plans. Amazon is very much straightforward with its pricing, you can either subscribe annually or monthly as per your wish. The annual membership of Amazon Prime Video will cost you $99, or roughly around $8.25 per month. Users will be able to stream movies or Tv shows in the highest possible quality i.e based on your Tv and internet connectivity ( HD, UHD, 4K, Dolby Atoms), etc.

Amazon prime video has come up with competitive pricing when compared with Netflix. The subscription also includes various shopping related benefits such as fast delivery, exclusive deals, etc, alongside streaming. If you look at the cost-value ratio, then Amazon Prime Video is the best option. Besides, there’s also a 30-day free trial which will grant you full access to Amazon Prime videos free of cost. Go ahead with the Amazon Prime video and try it out for free.

Whereas Netflix also offers the same one-month free trial scheme so if you will ask us we will suggest you try the first month with Amazon Prime Videos and then later go with Netflix this will give you a clear idea about the best one to go within 2020- 2021.

Amazon Prime Videos Vs Netflix: Content

Netflix is undoubtedly the oldest player in the streaming industry. Over the course of time, Netflix has become a prime distributor of Movies and tv shows worldwide. Netflix is far more superior with its originals compared to what Amazon Prime Video is offering. Since it’s inception, Netflix has produced tons of award-winning originals. Also, Netflix is very consistent with its content offering, you would daily find new content to watch and enjoy.

You would find tons of Tv shows, Movies, and Originals, in every genre i.e Action, Thriller, Suspense, Fiction, pretty much everything, So, there’s nothing that’s holding Netflix back when it comes to the content.

While on the other hand, Amazon Prime isn’t that popular with its originals. Of course, they have managed to come up with unique and appealing shows like Mr. Robot, Transparent, etc. However, the main area where Amazon Prime Video truly shines is the regional content. It’s safe to say that Amazon Prime Video offers a more distinct and wide range of Movies, in World.

As of now, Amazon Prime Video has roughly around 18,000 movies and over 4,500 Tv shows collectively. While the numbers of Netflix aren’t impressive in front of Amazon. However, the major reason why Netflix is more popular in terms of content is because of its originals.

So, in the end, it’s a matter of personal preference I’d say. If you’re someone who loves regional content, then Amazon Prime Videos is your way to go. On the other hand, Netflix has better originals to binge-watch.

Amazon Prime Video Vs Netflix: User-interface

Another important deciding factor in choosing between Amazon Prime and Netflix is the user-interface. Netflix comes with a good old fashioned red-colored theme which looks perfectly fine in terms of look. Movie titles and Tv shows are well organized and placed in a neat manner.

It wouldn’t be much of a problem for a user to navigate across the titles with ease.

While on the other hand, Amazon Prime Video comes with a classic moderately-looking interface. In fact, Amazon Prime offers different user-interfaces based on the device you’re using, i.e Smartphone, Fire Tv, etc. It might take a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with the interface and adjust to the side-scrolling kind of navigation.

Is Amazon Prime Subscription also offers Music?

Yes if you are subscribed to Amazon’s prime video you are also going to get an unlimited music experience. However, it is not like a Spotify or Amazon Unlimited music experience that you will get with Prime. There are few differences like if you use Amazon Alexa then Unlimited music can give you a more effortless experience compared to Prime Music. Also, the Unlimited Music of Amazon offers a massively large 50 Million+ tracks whereas prime has 2M+ tracks in the list. But getting 2Million tracks for the price of Videos is very good and worth it.

Netflix Offers a Music Platform?

Whereas if you are going to choose Netlifx’s platform then you might get quality movies but you can’t get music listening capability. Netflix is only concentrating on producing some of the best quality movies for now, at the same time they are capable of giving its users’ music listening experience. However, they might fear losing quality content after going into a different department, and in movies making still there is much space where Netflix can expand in terms of revenue and audience reach. But still, there are few options where you can enjoy music like Pandora Radio (company) via Roku as the default on Netflix.  

Final Verdict on Prime Video vs Netflix

Well, Netflix surely seems to be on top with its content providing consistency, which should be the prime focus of every streaming service. However, Amazon isn’t far either, it has got a lot of regional content to offer than Netflix. So it’s up to you which one you’d go with.

The perks of Amazon Prime are definitely awesome and Netflix is nowhere less in 2020- 2021, so it’d be wiser to go with Amazon Prime Video and try it first. Don’t forget the fact, that a free 30-day unlimited trial is available for new users on Amazon and while Netflix also offers the same. If you live in the UK then you might dislike the fact that from December 2019 they have ended the free trial in the whole region. This means you have to pay first then you have a chance to enjoy its latest movies. So there is a good reason to try Amazon’s service first instead of investing money in Netflix if you are from Britain.

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I if you are still confused then this video will guide you. 

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  1. Be aware that Netflix no longer offer a month free in the UK. apparently it ended_31 December 2019. Didn’t know that until I signed up. Then saw it on my bank statement. Annoyed. It’s in the small print somewhere . I got nothing back even when I queried through an on line chat.

  2. Very important, and left out by this sales pitch, is that Amazon Prime does NOT give you free access to all its movies. to watch anything even slightly more popular you are required to pay extra.
    So I dumped them after a month.

  3. I have both. Amazon is cheaper and got more quantity (for better show/ movie u need to pay extra). Netflix is more expensive and got more quality show (imho). And another thing is netflix got alot of local contents such as kdramas, prime all about english movies.

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