A Best Data Recovery Software to get your lost files back

Guys we all know that losing a file is really easy but to get it back is a way too difficult. So finally, we have a solution for this, we are going to talk about the best data or files recovery software that will do its job very well.

If you have accidentally deleted or for some other reason you have lost your precious data. If this happened with you then do not add anything new on the device or the affected area. Adding anything fresh will rewrite the disk and once it’s re-written it cannot be recovered.

Now we come to the solution that how you can recover lost files, folders images, etc? Of course, there are hundreds of good solution available in the market but, we had experienced the best software for all these works. Stellar is a well know best data recovery company in the industry known for its quality software. Not only recovery they offer various other solutions like data erasing, data recovery, repairing of your corrupt images, videos and many more.

Below you will learn about security and recovery of your data.

Data Recovery Software by Stellar 

What we most liked about this software is its UI (User interface), we had used other recovery Softwares too but this one is way too easy to use. So the first step which you have to take to recover a file is to download this software from its official site. After that open it and if you are sure about what type of files you have lost then do mark on a specific file like images, videos and then select the folder where you have to lose your file, that’s it. If you are not sure then leave as it is and it will do its job.

If it is recoverable it will show your files it will ask you to purchase the software and once you have purchased you will get your files back. What we like most is it doesn’t force to pay you earlier, first, use its software and be sure that you will get your files back then only invest in it. 


Do you know even after formatting or deleting your files can be later recovered? Suppose you have sold your smartphone to someone after deleting or formatting files from your device. But if that person wants then he or she can recover your smartphone as it was.

That’s made more brutal sense for sure your data is in wrong hands your private photos videos are now seen by someone else and they can do whatever they want with your data. But here comes the solution for you the BitRaser, it widely used by big companies and once if you have deleted it by the BitRaser then no one on the earth can recover your data. That gives you the maximum security for your precious data.

iPhone and Mac Data recovery

You can get all in one pack of the software but if you want separate, then you can also go for iPhone or Mac data recovery, for iPhone download the software on your PC select your files where you have lost your data and click next boom your data is recovered. For the Mac, you have to download the Mac version of its software and you are ready to recover your data.

Photo and Video repair

Not only the recovery and security it also gives you an ability to repair your corrupt photos and videos. If your video or image is corrupted then just select it and run the processes it will repair your videos and images.

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