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Best Smart Speakers The Awesome Voice Assistant You Need in 2020

The world is changing rapidly, keeping pace with changing technology is what needed the most. So the various company came up with the idea of smart speakers. These devices are the advancement of earlier used speakers, they are designed so perfectly to make your experience of listening to music effortless and more enjoyable. Some of the best smart speakers are dirt cheap which can be owned by anyone in the world which comes from biggest companies like Google and Amazon.

But what matters the most is, it helps you in gaining knowledge in the form of newspaper reading, yes you guys heard it right, it reads all-day news one by one that might take your precious time. So it’s a time saver technology. we are surely sports lovers, so what gonna be better than getting all the live stats in just a fraction of second.

Want to know about the temperature in any part of the world, just name it, smart speakers will help you. Hungry? want to have something at your nearest restaurant just ask the smart speakers and you will be having an amazing meal at your nearest restaurant.

To just let you know we also have a list of best smart displays which are upgraded variants of smart speakers, on the above paragraph we mentioned that the world is changing fast and this is what we got an upgrade of smart speakers as smart displays. But don’t go away from this topic and let’s check the best smart voice assistant speakers in 2020 below, we have only listed devices from Google, Amazon and Apple because they are the best in quality and technology compared to other brands.

Check out these best smart speakers in 2020

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Best smart speakers

It is one of the latest in its series, so we can call it a successor to the Echo dot 2nd gen which is also present on our list. The device now comes with a lot of improvement and better sound quality. In terms of design, it got a fabric hood along with a 1.6-inch 360-degrees speaker for an awesome and best quality sound experience.

It will cost you below $30 and in the customer feedback, it has got 4.6 out of 5 which is really an amazing score for any product, so if you are looking for the best smart speaker in 2020 then this will be your best partner.

The Pros of Echo Dot 3rd Gen

  • Compact and fabric design
  • Improved Sound Experience
  • Easy to use Value for money

The Cons of Echo Dot 3rd Gen

  • It doesn’t have a real bass feeling
  • Looks cannot be modified

Echo Dot 2nd Generation

It is one of the best smart speakers in the rage, the only noticeable difference b/w the 2nd and 3rd gen is its speaker and sound quality you will get a bit downgrade in this model. However, in terms of personal experience it is not bad at all we are still using the second-gen Alexa speaker and it is really good, the sound quality is also decent form our perspective but you won’t get the bass and quality in this speaker.

So if your budget is low and you can’t afford the latest Alexa which is 3rd gen then you are good to go with this device and you won’t regret it at all. In terms of customer reviews on online stores are also very good for the Echo Dot 2nd Gen.

The Pros for Echo Dot 2nd Generation

  • Solid and compact body
  • Great hearing capability
  • A cheap alternative to other devices

The Cons for Echo Dot 2nd Generation

  • Sometimes it misses the words
  • Not so impressive design

Echo Plus 2nd Generation

It is one of the latest addition in the series and now it comes with a lot of improved and new features compares with the previous Echo Plus device. The new device now features a built-in hub where you can connect all the devices now you don’t need to buy a separate hub.

It has a built-in temperature sensor that will let you know the temperature of inside your house or wherever you take this device it will tell you the temperature of your surroundings. Amazon Echo Plus 2nd gen now has local voice control where you can use the Alexa when you don’t have a WiFi.

For the best music experience, this device gives 360 degrees of sound experience with its 3-inch woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter. The online reviews are also good so you can check it out if you are looking for the best smart speaker in 2020 with the latest technology.

The Pros of Echo Dot 2nd Gen

  • Awesome sound quality with bass feeling
  • Great hearing capability
  • Good looking design
  • Temperature sensor

The Cons of Echo Dot 2nd Gen

  • Sometimes feels quite big

Echo (2nd Generation)

It is the successor to the Amazon echo now named as Echo 1st Generation. If you need a bigger Alexa with the best sound experience and you don’t have the budget to go with the Echo Plus 2nd Gen then this will be the best choice for you.

It will do a lot of things for you like play music of your choice and it will tell you the cooking recipes, current temperature, reading newspaper for you in the morning and a lot more things.

The device offers a 360 degrees sound experience with its 2.5-inch downward-firing woofer and 0.6-inch tweeter. If you are not satisfied with all Alexa device’s sound, not just the Echo 2nd Gen, and want to hear extra loud audio? then they have 3.5mm jack and wireless connectivity for external speakers.

Like most of the Alexa devices, you can connect many smart home devices with this Echo 2nd Gen like smart light, smart switch and many more. It will cost you below $100 and the customer’s reviews for this product is also very good, it has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The Pros of Echo Dot 2nd Gen

  • Looks can be modified
  • You will get a loud sound and bass
  • Voice recognition feature is pretty good
  • Very decently priced

The Cons of Echo Dot 2nd Gen

  • The quality of sound can be improved
  • It needs additional purchase for look modifications

Google Home Mini

Everyone is now launching their own smart devices so how we cannot expect smart devices from this tech giant. Google has its own smart devices. The Home Mini is one of the best smart speakers in 2020 for your budget.

It is supported by Google’s own AI that is Google Voice Assistant. It is very much similar like Alexa, you can play popular music from popular streaming services, ask Google to set the reminder, food recipes and more. It also connects other smart devices like smart light, smart, switches and fan where you can control these things with voice.

The speakers are really good and will give the best sound experience, you can expect much better sound than the Alexa Echo Dot 2nd Gen. Both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home have certain limits because the biggest giants have their own exclusive services which they don’t allow to share.

The Pros of Echo Dot 2nd Gen

  • Value for money product
  • Very compact and solid design
  • The very good hearing capability
  • It can deliver customized results for different voices
  • It can also work with free Spotify accounts

The Cons of Echo Dot 2nd Gen

  • It misses many voice commands if compared to Amazon’s devices
  • It doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack for audio output

Google Home

It is the bigger variant of Google’s Home Mini which will give you a more better sound experience with good bass. With this device, you can do all other things which you are doing in the Google’ Home Mini. You can do a phone call, ask for a recipe and can ask for the routes and distances.

The device will cost you double than the Home Mini, in terms of customer reviews it has almost 4.5 stars out of 5 on online stores. So if you are looking to get Google’s best smart speaker and want a good sound experience then this can be your best choice.

The Pros of Google Home

  • It has the option of cast a video to your TV
  • It Understands and identifies a wide range of voices
  • It comes with a reasonable price point
  • It has a great built and design quality
  • It supports Youtube music
  • It has a hands-free calling feature
  • It has very good sound out of the box

The Cons of Google Home

  • Smarthome compatibility is not so wide

Apple HomePod

It is from the World’s most loved and premium electronic brand. The HomePod can be the best choice for Apple lovers, it offers an amazing premium and compact design out of the box.

At the end of the day, you will be using this device to play music, and in terms of speaker and bass quality it does its work nicely, you will get a chance to hear a nice and premium-quality sound from this device.

It uses Siri Voice assistant which is one the best in the market AI, sometime you might get confusions while asking due to its low range of hearing, but most of the time it works awesome.

It is priced approx $300 from online stores and obviously, it is a bit overpriced but that’s why Apple products are known for. However, the customer reviews about the HomePod is satisfying after purchasing it.

The Pros of HomePad

  • Feels very portable to use
  • It gives the best quality sound and rich bass
  • You can also answer phone calls thought it
  • Siri voice assistant is very responsive
  • Premium build and design quality

The Cons of Apple HomePad

  • Bluetooth connectivity lacks
  • Only works with IOS
  • Very expensive


If you are looking for the best budget value for money device then the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the best choice. Because it only costs $30 and offers a very decent amount of features that are enough to fulfill your day to day requirements.

However, if you are more focused on sound quality then Echo Plus (2nd Gen) is your destination, it is a product for the money you can get. For the sound, it offers a 3-inch woofer and a 0.8-inch tweeter that takes it to the next level.

We also have a lot of other products which you can choose are to your requirements, forex if you are using Apple products then the HomePad can be the best fit for you if the budget is not an issue with you. The list also has Google Home, if you are looking for an Amazon alternative then it can be the best choice.

Google and Amazon offer different AI in their devices. Amazon offers Alexa and Google offers its Google Voice Assistance, both are really good at their works like they can play your favorite music, read news for you, the devices can also tell you the recipes of food cooking.

So what’s the difference? yes, there are some dissimilarities b/w these two like they use their own made services. If you will ask Google speaker to play music it will start playing from Google Music, whereas Alexa will play from Amazon’s Prime platform. But at the end of the day, you will love both in 2020.

Hope you liked our post on the best smart speakers of 2020, let us know if you still have any questions regarding these products listed above. Also, if you have used a better product and wanted to be included in this list then please do let us know we would love to consider.

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