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Why is Binomo a reliable investment platform?

Online trading has grown rapidly in India as well as around the world lately. And each trader from the multitude tries to choose the best platform for them. The problem we are trying to solve in this article is to help find a reliable trading platform and analyze it in order to avoid scams. We recommend Binomo. Let us explain why and how.

Binomo – what is it?

Binomo is an online trading platform that allows you to get extra income, which has been giving service since 2014. How though? It is based on the assets trading (currency pairs, commodities, etc). It was founded by Dolphin Corp, and since then Binomo has been recognized as an enterprise that provides its users with access to a trading terminal through a website and an application that can be identified as safe and convenient. Its available languages contain 13 other ones with Hindi, of course.

Is it Safe to trade on Binomo?

As Binomo was mentioned as a trustworthy platform, a description is needed on this issue. Traders have a doubt on trading platforms’ security. Binomo guarantees the safety of its users through a number of certifications and awards.

On the other side, traders are also asking if Binomo works legally in India? These questions can be answered like this – Binomo is not a fraud. The Financial Commission approved Binomo’s secure service by certifying it. The Financial Commission embodies the experts and watches the user if they do have their rights while they are in the fields of trading, in their words.

Another certificate named VMT (Verify My Trade) was given to Binomo after audit, which indicates the company’s situation as a credible trading platform and confirms the quality of trades. VMT checks 5,000 trades on Binimo every month for correctness or fraud.

The awards that Binomo was given also serves as a statement about it. One of them is the FE Award, which was awarded in 2015. And, the following year, the IAIR Award, scripted as “a global prize for excellences in global finance and global economy” was given to Binomo. Thus, it convinces Binomo users that the trading platform is not a scam, but a real one.

How to register and sign in to your account?

Binomo offers its service through a user-friendly trading terminal, and using it after registering is super-easy. After going into the Binomo website, you should see a yellow button that says “Sign In”. Click it and register with a Gmail or Facebook account that belongs to you, or a simple email account is enough. Once this is through:

  1. set a secure password;
  2. choose the currency you want to use;
  3. read and accept the Client Agreements and Policy will end this process;
  4. activate your account using the link from the letter from Binomo.

Account types

There are four types of accounts that you can choose among. There is a Demo account, which was designed only to learn to trade. Funded by Binomo with virtual $1000, it provides education for traders and the ability to understand how the trading platform works.

The second type of account is named Standard, which is an entrance level account for online trading. Users can trade over 40 assets, participate in paid and free tournaments for as little as $ 10.

Besides these, there is a Gold account with 50+ assets to trade.  It also comes with a few more advantages:

  • trade insurance;
  • for those who are having an unproductive week, up to 5% cashback is funded by Binomo;
  • a personal account manager will be providing service whenever is needed.

All these benefits are available to traders with a cumulative deposit of $500.

The last type of account is a VIP account. This time, it is available with a cumulative deposit of $1000. The VIP account gives traders the following benefits:

  • 60+ assets to trade;
  • cashback is up to 10% for the unproductive weeks;
  • a personal account manager;
  • insurance;
  • VIP Binomo tournaments access

Another feature of the account is the ability to conclude risk-free trade. Sounds nice, right?

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit for your Binomo account depends on the type of account that you choose to use, and the actual minimum amount for a deposit is $10 or equivalent depending on the currency of your account.  Deposit methods can be found on the page “Cashier” – “Deposit”.

Once you made correct forecasts you get additional income. The withdrawal process is possible through the same method you used for making the deposit. This can be a bank card or e-wallet.

To get your extra income, click the “Balance” button on the menu, and “Withdraw Funds” button after that. Specify the payout amount and the method. It remains to wait for the approval of the withdrawal request. This can take from a few minutes to 3 days or longer. The withdrawal time depends on your payment system and account status.

How to use Binomo?

Many users who first came to the platform ask: “How to play Binomo?” But Binomo is not a game. Here, clients use all their knowledge and trading experience for correct forecasting. As mentioned earlier, Binomo offers its secure services through a user-friendly interface and training in investment, trading and forecasting. For those wishing to start trading, a demo account is offered to practice and improve trading skills. What other tips and tutorials does the Binomo trading platform offer for traders from India?


For those who define themselves as beginners, Binomo gives an educational service also. As mentioned in the Demo Account section, with a $ 1,000 virtual fund and detailed instructions provided by the platform, you can really learn how to trade. Other than this service, other aspects of the platform make the learning process faster than ever too: Glossary of terms, Strategies section and Help Center.


On the website, in the section named “Strategies”, there are analysis methods which traders can use. When trading on any assets, those are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders and will be useful. As a recommendation, you should look at the “Beginner” type first, test these strategies on demo and then move on to more advanced ones.


Another experience that enables the users to improve the skills of trading is the tournaments. They are really exceptional to test learnings through and to see how the education goes.

There are two types: Paid or Free, and both of them come with a unique pool of prizes. Any device could be in usage for the tournaments: Binomo website or app. At the left of the panel, there is a button: “Tournaments”, click it and now you are! Remember that when registering for a paid tournament, you must have the required amount in your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in it.

Note! All Binomo users, including demo account holders, can participate in the Daily Free tournament.

Why download the app?

Binomo app is a really convenient varius for using its service. All the opportunities offered by Binomo also can be in usage through tablets or smartphones (Android and iOS devices). Investments, withdrawals, deposits… and so on. All of them in just a button away: Google Play or App Store.

Also, for the ones who might have any kind of problems downloading it through Google Play, Binomo also has an apk for Android users. The link is here:


To cover all these in a nutshell, Binomo is a safe and reliable platform that assures its users with a convenient service to trade. But It is always important to remember the risks of the field of trading, as on any platform, such as losing the deposit, etc. However, for those who are accepting the existing risks, Binomo is a platform you can trust for your investments and trading.

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