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Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen VS Lenovo Smart Display

The article is going to clear your doubt about Amazon’s Echo Show 2nd Gen vs Lenovo Smart Display. Many of us are confused withing these two devices because they look very fantastic to choose in many ways and that brings confusion if you have to select one. If we talk about smart display, so they are the upgraded variant of smart speakers which comes with a display on it and provides you visual assistance including voice, whereas the smart speakers can only provide voice assistance.

Echo Show 2nd Gen is undoubtedly a game-changer and a flagship device from Amazon, it usually costs $ 249 from its online store but if you try your luck on festive seasons then you may get awesome discount offers.

Comparison Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen VS Lenovo Smart Display in 2020

Echo Show 2nd Gen

In terms of specifications, it offers a 10-inch HD (1280 x 800) resolution display, and surely its a big improvement if we compare it with the previous Amazon’s display. Not only the display but the design is also a big improvement, now you get a very premium looking body and design out of the box. It has 2 x 10W Dolby supported speakers to enhance the sound experience, and we must admit that the sound of any smart display must be great.

There is a 5MP camera attached with this device to help you out in video calling, for the hearing experience it packs the best quality microphone which can hear your voice of low pitch correctly.

Lenovo Smart Display

Let’s come to Lenovo’s smart display, for the specs it rocks 8-inch and 10-inch display-variants with the resolution of 720p and1080p. The 8-inch variant has a 1.75-inch 10-watt speaker and the 10-inch variant comes with a 2-inch 10-watt speaker, they both deliver best quality sound for your experience. In the processor department, it is powered by Qualcomm’s Home Hub Platform Octa-Core A53 Snapdragon 624 chipset, clocked at 1.8 GHz, that makes it one of the powerful smart displays available in the market.

The device has 2GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage to make the display’s performance smoother and the storage helps you to store your favorite content in your display itself. It has a 5 MP wide-angle camera that supports video call of 720p. It runs on Google’s Voice assistant out of the box.

Echo Show 2nd Gen VS Lenovo Smart Display who is the winner  in 2020

Echo Show 2nd Gen VS Lenovo Smart Display

Let’s find out who is the actual winner in the comparison. The Echo Show comes with a $229 price tag and the Lenovo’s 8/10-inch displays respectively has $149 and $199 price, that makes Lenovo’s display a budget efficient device.

If we look at the specifications then we can clearly see the difference, Echo show 2nd Gen rocks a 10-inch HD display whereas Lenovo’s displays offer HD and FHD options with less price tag. Amazon’s echo show 2nd gen does not disclose any processing limit which makes us think that it might have a low-end processor and the Lenovo stands tall with Snapdragon 624 chipset including 2GB RAM.

But the main reason for now to kick Amazon’s display is pricing even if we look at the Lenovo 10-inch FHD display it costs just $199 which is approx $30 cheaper than Echo Show 2nd Gen. In the Echo show you will get Alexa Voice assistant owned by Amazon and the Lenovo Displays are packed with Google’s Voice Assistant.

The Amazon has the best AI Alexa that specially offers services related to Amazon like you can ask Alexa to shop your favorite products and play music. Whereas the Google Assistant offers its own services like if you ask google to play music then it will start paying from their own platform.

So it means the both wanted to offer you their own services on their smart displays, but to be frank, these two tech giants did their best work in their products. In terms of UI and experience, both of the smart displays are awesome out of the box, they are really easy to operate and setup. You will not find any complication while using these devices if you have ever used an Android.

In terms of looks, they both are really awesome and premium devices, with the Lenovo it has a front-firing speaker which makes it kind of old thing, whereas the Echo Show 2nd gen has a whole implemented display on the front which makes to feel a modern tech. However, the overall design of both smart speakers is very nice has a solid build quality.


We had seen the Echo Show selling at $160 in festive seasons like Christmas and all, but for now, you are not going to see its price below $200. However, the 10-inch FHD Lenovo display is a clear winner but if you want to spend $200 bucks on a smart display then you should buy it. This time Lenovo is a clear winner in the specs department and the similar price makes it the best buy gadget if we compare with Echo Show 2nd Gen.

If your budget is really low and want to check some best cheap alternatives to these devices then do check out our comparison b/w Lenovo Smart display 7 vs Amazon Echo Show 5, they are one of the latest display in the market we have compared.

Hope you liked our comparison of Amazon’s Echo Show 2nd Gen VS Lenovo Smart Display, let us know if you have any questions below in the comment section.

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