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Will Smart Band lose? all you need to know

Google Smart Glasses led smart wearable devices to develop in 2014. The consumer market of Smart Bands was “detonated”. Many brands have emerged in a short period of six years. For example, Xiaomi, an intermediate Chinese brand. It ranked first in the global sales of Smart Bands in 2017. It adopted the strategy of selling at a low price. 

Jawbone, the publisher of the first Smart Band entered bankruptcy liquidation in 2018. Many sports brands are making corresponding reductions in the Smart Band business. They are Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc. Some of them even withdrawing from the Smart Band market. All this seems the market for Smart Bands is slowly declining. 

Some articles on the Internet point out the era of Smart Bands has passed. The industry has gone out of fashion. But is this really the case? Is it true? They said the trend of Smart Bands has passed. Will it only become more depressed? In fact, it is not. The process of Smart Bands is still in full swing. The user purchase and feedback information provided through the Internet is enough to overturn this erroneous conclusion.

The Smart Band is quietly and orderly developing in a posture of thick accumulation and thin hair. It can stand for 7-30 days from the first ten hours. It had the initial simple exercise and sleep monitoring functions before. Then it has the present diversified monitoring functions of various data. Such as heart rate and blood oxygen. HONOR has gone from the first generation of Smart Bands to the present Band 5. It will produce even more advanced products in the future. This all indicates HONOR’s determination to further expand the market. 

Correspondingly, Smart Bands not only stress the shallow concept of low price. They have a wider consumer population. They have accurate and rigorous sensors for the middle-aged and elderly people. They ensure real-time monitoring of various health data such as heart rate and blood oxygen. They offer a variety of color designs in appearance to young consumers. The selectivity of sports modes is more comprehensive. The improvement of the information reminding function has improved the quality of life of users. 

Some data analysis shows that the market sales volume of Smart Bands has entered a weak state. The growth trend is getting smaller and smaller. However, these data cannot give a comprehensive response to the displayed market situation and product penetration rate. The sales of Smart Bands have declined is linked to their increased market penetration rate. It is rare that the same user has multiple Smart Bands. However, the update iteration speed of Smart Bands is very fast. The sales volume of Smart Bands will maintain a certain stability.

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