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Top 10 Best Futuristic Upcoming Smartphones Expected in 2021

Smartphones have come a long way, isn’t it? Back in 1995, we were using phones with tiny screens and a snail-paced internet. After a series of cool and rapid technological evolutions, smartphone technology has witnessed an exponential rise and paved the path for feature-rich devices. But, what’s next in smartphone technology?

The new-age technologies like 5G network and Artificial Intelligence are adding the necessary spice to get excited. But, what’s going to be the new area for competition among the smartphone manufacturer giants like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, etc? In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the upcoming smartphones that may revolutionize the whole scenario in 2021. Let’s dive in without any delay.

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Samsung Galaxy S21(S30) (Launched)

Representational Image

Samsung hits the news all the time with some incredible stuff. The leaked info suggests that Samsung Galaxy Note21 or S30 could come with awesome features out of the box.

MySmartPrice finds a certification for the variants of upcoming S21 smartphones that give us the details that it will be packed with a 4,000mAh battery. The 3C certification doesn’t mention the devices but with its model number, it’s clear that it is the Galaxy S21 series. The base model of the smartphone named (EB-BG991ABY) will be having a 3,880mAh battery, while the top variant will have (EB-BG996ABY) 4,660mAh battery, which is massive.

But at the same time, they will be using a 120Hz display panel so the base variant of the device can suffer a less battery backup time this time. But it is totally upon them that how they are going to manage it. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 Plus packs a 4,500mAh battery that’s decent.

According to news, the upcoming smartphone from Samsung will have the latest massive powerful Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 processor. It will be offered in 8GB RAM and /128/256, storage also with a 12GB/512GB variant. The device will also be supported by the eSIM feature, which is also present in the S20 series of smartphones.

The launch date of the smartphone is said to be in January 2021 according to the sources of SamMobile, and we have to believe it because they are one of the well-known leakers for Samsung Devices. Let’s wait for the exact date for the launch of this upcoming smartphone.

Apple iPhone 13


We all know that there was a lukewarm response to the LCD screen of the latest iPhone XR. We may see a total shift to OLED screens on iPhone XIII. Needless to say that next-generation iPhones would be surely equipped with the 5G network support. Apart from that, we can expect some really cool things that are based on AI. Apple is working on a new series of chips which they are calling new-gen bionic chips. These chips are specially meant to accelerate AI-powered processes. There is a great possibility that Apple may come up with camera features that run based on powerful Artificial Intelligence programs. We may see different modes and also a personalized camera app that studies the aesthetic preferences of the user and adjusts the camera settings.

A report also suggests that the iPhones coming in 2021 are going to have wider antenna lines which are>1mm to ensure 5G connectivity in the device. It is also said that Apple is testing a new Face ID and a new camera setup that fits into the top bezel of the device on upcoming iPhones. Is clearly indicating that Apple is working on a new notch-less device for 2021.

The leaker Ice Universe has also mentioned that Apple is working on an adjustable refresh rate screen on 2021 iPhones which are going to be of 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rate. According to MacRumours they have seen a secret report which says that Apple will be bringing a significant design change into their 2021 iPhones or future and it will come with a metal frame structure.

The upcoming iPhone 12 is claimed to be a notch-less device whereas the borders of the device will be used as a fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 9T

It is expected to arrive in the late summers of 2021, the devices will be called successors of the OnePlus 9 Series. OnePlus is well-known value-for-money smartphone manufacture in the world, their sales are increasing every day.

In countries like India and China, it has a large fan base, because of its budget-friendly devices. If we talk about the OnePlus 9 series, they were the best smartphones in terms of everything, but we’ve started noticing the price is going up in every series of their smartphones. Now the 9 Pro costs around $1000 which is a huge deal to get.

The OnePlus 9T will pack many exclusive features as the company hinted about 5G and a lot of camera compatibility in its upcoming smartphone.

There are very fewer details about this device that says that it will be more superiors to the current OnePlus 9 series, this is the thing where a customer gets dissatisfied. In just a year they feel cheated because the company launches a new device very soon with better specs.

In terms of specs, it will be packed with Snapdragon 888+  and the device is said to launch earlier than expected. It will have a 120 Hz Refresh Rate display out of the box, like most of the flagship smartphones these days. It is said to have a 4500 mAh Warp Charging and USB Type-C Port. In terms of camera, it will have a 48MP quad-camera setup and in the front, it packs a 16MP camera for selfies and video calling. However, nothing is official now and these all specs are just rumored so let wait for the launch where we will get to know about the real specs of the phone.

Motorola Edge+ 2 5G

Motorola is continuously working to be in the competition of futuristic smartphones. Where companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others are impressing with their latest innovations then how Motorola can be left behind. The new Motorola Edge+ 5G 2 is in the works as the successor to its previous smartphone.

The phone will be seen with a large edge waterfall display, triple rear, and a single-front punch hole camera.

For the specs, it will have a 6-inch+ curved display of FHD+ or 4K resolution, we will also get to see the 120Hz high refresh rate which is common these days in flagship devices. It will be powered by 8 and 12GB of RAM along with the latest Snapdragon 875 chipset.

The leaked info the smartphone also elaborated that it has a bigger battery to runs on Android 10 out of the box. As its name suggests it will be a pure 5G supported smartphone. The launch date of the device is still unclear, but we can expect it very soon. Interestingly, the price of the smartphone can be near to competitors like OnePlus and Xiaomi in this category.

TCL Rollable & Extendable Display Phone

TCL a well-known television company is now trying its hands at interesting and amazing rollable smartphone display technology. The company has recently come up with a concept phone which screen can be stretched to the size of a tablet.

Just by pressing a single button, the phone started extending with the help of two internal motors. As a result, we got a completely new portion of the display. It has a 6.75-inch curved-edge AMOLED display and after rolling, it went to a 7.8-inch screen. TCL has exclusively designed adaptive UI for its rollable phone to take the experience at the next level.

So now you might be thinking to buy this smartphone? but let us break your dream. It is not available to purchase in the market, they have just showcased their concept technology which they are working on. In the upcoming future after all successful testings, we may see the smartphone in our hands. But for now, be happy by seeing the video above :).

Xiaomi Mi 10


Seems like Xiaomi is geared up to unveil an incredible upcoming smartphone in 2021. As per the rumors, the Xiaomi Mi 10 may have a Super AMOLED 6.5-inch waterfall display at 90Hz or more refresh rate.

In terms of cameras, it is expected to have 108MP triple rear cameras better than Note 10’s and at the rear, you will see a pop-up selfie camera out of the box.

For the Mi 10, we can expect to have Adreno 760 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with 12 Gigs of RAM. The onboard internal storage is expected to have /128/256/512GB variants, and also a dedicated memory slot that accepts up to 512GB storage space expendability.

The new upcoming phone from Xiaomi will be 5G supported as per some strong rumors and you can expect it to be powered by a 5000 mAh non-removable battery.

However, for now, nothing is officially clear about the device, the market is full of rumors, but as we enter 2021 the scenario will start clearing.

Nokia 10


It is one of the much await devices from the company and Nokia’s large fan base is waiting for this beast for so long. As per a recent report, Nokia smartphones will be packed with 5G technology in 2021.

On the optical front, the Nokia 10 will be loaded with a combination of two 48MP lenses on the back (one wide-angle – and one telephoto) that offer 4-axis OIS, while on the front, users can make use of the 16MP snapper for selfies and other uses, that is also expected to be capable of recording 1080p and 4K videos. The render images suggest that the display will be around 6.0 to 6.5 inches. It’s going to be water-resistant, dust-resistant and it will have a quick charge of 4+. Few blogs have reported that Nokia 10 is expected to have 5 rear cameras, however, we’ll update this space once we find the information from authentic sources. It is also said that the smartphone will come with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy F 3

We may see quite a number of good foldable smartphones in 2021. It’s not just Motorola, even the South Koren tech giant Samsung is geared up with its second foldable phone called Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung has already introduced its 2019 variant of this device and now they are gearing up for its next-generation device. Google is developing an efficient Android OS specially meant for the foldable interfaces which are the core reason for this sudden trend of foldable devices. Samsung Galaxy F3 is rumored to have a 6000 mAh battery capacity. Galaxy 11 with complete bezel-less display and Galaxy F3 with the foldable interface, 2021 is going to be a truly grand year for upcoming Samsung phones.

It will be a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold which hasn’t done well in the market like, many reports said that the display breaks while opening a closing, also there were few other problems with this device.

Recently a meeting was held at CES where the name of the smartphone got leaked as Galaxy Bloom, it sounds that the next galaxy will be going to have a very unique and better name than the current one.

As time passes it leaves some new info and rumors about this device. It is being said to have an ultra-thin glass instead of plastic film which was seen in the first-gen of this device. The phone is rumored to have a camera that can shoot 8K videos along with 4G and 5G Capabilities. There are also expectations that the new upcoming foldable phone from Samsung is going to have a notch-less screen with an included S Pen inside.

As per the previous variant, the device will have a second screen but the size is rumored to be bigger than the current.

Apple iPhone X Fold

Fan-Made Render

So it is confirmed that there will be no foldable phone from Apple in 2019, but we all know that the company has already booked a patent for its foldable device. There are strong rumors in the market that Apple is going to introduce its first foldable phone called iPhone X Fold in 2021.

You can look into patented images which indicate that the upcoming smartphone is going to be a foldable one. While there are also a few real to life fan-made renders that show how exactly this device is going to be. But nothing much is officially confirmed, everything is now going on the basis of rumors.

For the specifications, we can expect that Apple will use its top-notch hardware to make it look beautiful from inside and outside. The pricing is going to be really high this time as Samsung’s foldable device comes with a $2k approx price tag, so we can expect iPhone X Fold to be similarly priced.

Foldable technology is quite new in the market, so still, there are very few resources to get, that’s why it is costly.

Apple’s Booked Patent

Microsoft Andromeda a Foldable phone

Microsoft is one of the world’s biggest tech companies now looking to try its hands again in the smartphone industry. After making Nokia from hero to zero, and even Nokia is still not able to make a proper comeback.

In a report from The Verge, sources had said that Microsoft has big plans for foldable technology and they might be working on a foldable device and an upcoming smartwatch this time. In 2020 they launched their foldable device Surface Duo. That is really not good as we were expecting but it’s just starting they are cooking futuristic devices for 2021.

They are going to have big investments in this filed, the company is also looking to modify its Windows platform for the foldable device and they are planning to make many useful in-built apps to work on foldable or dual-screen devices.

After this, we can clearly say that something is gearing up in the house of Mircosoft that can take up to the next year 2021 to be revealed. But we really don’t know when it coming out from their factories, I hope that they are not looking to make an awkward and bad-looking device like Duo Surface thing time.

Google Pixel 5

Representational image (Pixel 4)

Google is about to launch its Pixel 4 series smartphones this year, everything about the device is almost clear the renders of the phone is confirmed. But the next year 2021 is going to be very exciting for smartphone lovers because we will be witnessing lots of futuristic devices including Google Pixel 5. You know that technology keeps on upgrading each year and we saw the futuristic smartphones each year. Pixel 5 is going to be a very awesome device from the company why not? because Android is owned by Google and they always introduce some exclusive out of the box features for their devices.

The interesting part here is all the Google devices are very much optimized you will not see more RAM or battery, but they optimize each part of the smartphone very well. So that even if the specs on paper looks low but works better than any other high-end smartphone.

In terms of specs, there is no info in the market about Pixel 5 but we might witness a foldable device next year from the company and a regular variant. Because till quarter 3rd or 4th of 2021, these types of smartphone’s demand will be high.

iPhone SE 2 Plus(2021)

Apple’s compact iPhone model was rumored for too long and it was claimed that it will be going to launch as iPhone 9 instead of the previously rumored iPhone SE 2. But with all this info going on in the market they have finally launched a device called iPhone SE 2020.

It is one of the best compact smartphones from Apple in the market yet. You can do a lot more things with this device which you can do on other high-end Apple phones. Many people are buying it because they loved the design which is small and very handy looks similar to the older series of their smartphones.

But there is a very strong rumor that Apple is working on a phone called iPhone SE Plus yes you heard it correctly. As per the trusted market sources they are working on a plus variant of iPhone SE 2020. The Plus variant of the device will be going to be big in size like it is expected to have a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, but nothing exact can be said yet. The phone will launch somewhere in Q2 of 2021 but the exact yet.

This is really possible because the iPhone SE 2021 is a huge success in the market. And the Plus variant can be an alternative to the mini iPhone SE, because everyone doesn’t like a mini iPhone in their budget.

Moto Razr V4 (Expected in 2021)

Representational Image

Motorola Razr was introduced in 2004. It was wildly successful and eventually has become the world’s best-selling clamshell phone to date. Over 130 million units were sold in the span of 4 years, thanks to the thin profile and striking appearance. But after waiting for so long they have released a fresh and futuristic version of its old smartphone now named Motorola Razr in 2021, shockingly it over $1500, which is even more expensive than the latest iPhone in the market.

However, foldable technology is very expensive these days so the price is justified somewhere around.

The flexible and foldable OLED-based design facilitates the clamshell approach. As per the images above, there is a secondary display at the center and a single-lens camera on the upper half of the backside.

But what will be the next device in 2021? of course, it will an upgrade to the current device and will be very similarly named. The upcoming Razr is expected to be a more reliable and tough device out of the box. Also, we will see the latest processor and the best quality display resolution on it.

Wrapping up…

We’ve to see how far the new-age foldable phones succeed. Motorola surely cashes on the nostalgia of the Razr series and Samsung rarely fails to deliver. There are a few rumors that Apple is coming up with an outward foldable phone in 2021, but we need to wait till we hear it from an authoritative source. In 2021, we’ll see a substantial shift from 4G to 5G networks. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3s which was unveiled recently has a 90% screen-to-body ratio and almost bezel-less. It’s the same case with iPhone XS, Vivo Nex, etc. There is a great chance that we may certainly see a 100% bezel-less phone and most probably Samsung Galaxy 11 would be the first 100% bezel-less phone.

AI is definitely going to be the next big thing. The OEMs are coming up with powerful AI chips that may improve battery efficiency and security. Huawei has invested $10 Bn in R&D in 2018 and committed to investing at least $20 Bn in 2019 and 2021. Needless to mention, the major share is catered for Artificial Intelligence. We may soon see thousands of apps on Apple Appstore and Google Play Store which can utilize the AI-powered features. We’ve already seen glimpses of AI-powered features in Google’s Android P.

The Video and music experience is going to be more awesome in the future because we will see enhanced screens and audio quality on upcoming phones. This means streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos are going to be more fun. These smartphones will be launching in many countries of the world some are United States, Australia, Canada, Marshal Islands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, and India.

As the Covid 19’s effect is decreasing across the globe and world is prepared with new vaccines. The Hope for new smartphone innovation is increasing in the future, unlike what we were seeing in 2020. 2021 will be packed with new flagship devices from the major smartphone companies across the globe, which were slowed down due to the pandemic. Now a fresh recovery is expected in 2021.

But the damage has already been done and we might see an increase in prices across the globe in tech products. Japan the country where most tech innovations happen has been destroyed by Covid-19’ they are paying a price of $3 Trillion.

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Comment below if you have questions regarding these all-listed best upcoming smartphones in 2021.

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  1. Great list of the best smartphones coming for next year, we will see a wonderful change in the coming period of modern and sophisticated smartphones

  2. These high end foldable magnificant devices in 1.5-2K$ range seem to be owned by lucky top people who do not have $$ problem. So, why do not we to talk about the mid range devices (like rumoured SE 2) to came for the huge mid range end users who have wallet disadvantage? Regards…

    1. Thanks for your comment, we have Xiaomi in the list which is budget efficient device and however, iPhone SE 2 rumors were started from 2018 and still there is nothing much clear about the device in 2020. So that’s the main reason we haven’t included it in our list. But in upcoming days we are going to add more budget upcoming smartphone for 2020 in our list, stay tuned.

  3. I’m desperate to know When the new tech that will be replacing phones entirely will launch? Any word on that technology launching? I heard by 2025, phones will obsolete.

    1. We don’t think that near a decade we will get a smartphone’s alternative or a tech that replaces them completely. For now, smartphone companies are more focused on improving them instead of replacing that looks to be followed until 2030.

  4. I had my eye on the note 10+ but I’m thinking the note 11 will be substantially better. My question is should I get the note 11 or wait for the note 11+? The “plus” model are usually not that different but this will be year 2020 so what do you think? Please comment asap. Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Alecia,

      Thanks for your comment, getting plus model is always beneficial, but it also depends on your budget, if you have a budget to go with 11 Plus then it will be a good to go choice. However, Note 11 model will be much similar to the plus variant, like we will witness the same processor almost the same design except some more camera placements on the plus model and few features upgrades. So I would like to say that it totally depends on your budget. But if you will ask me to get a Note 10+ or 11 then Note 11 will be very better then getting 10+. The newly introduced Note 11 will have a brand new processor along with a brand new camera sensor which will be far better than Note 10+’s.

  5. somewhere I read a question that “2019 was the year for Phones, what will be the year 2020 for? But after going through your article I am sure that again 2020 is for Phones. Awesome explanation of the upcoming phones.
    Thank you for the information.

  6. I’m waiting on the S11+ . Currently using the S8+ and desperately need an upgrade. Don’t really care about the four cameras on the back. I just hope it’s speakers are much louder than on the S8+ model.

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