Top & Best Upcoming Smartwatches with Futuristic Features

Now having a smartwatch along with your smartphone is a sign of keeping yourself in pace with the upcoming trend.  Also, it helps you to make your life easy and do your day-to-day work more conveniently. With the help of a smartwatch, you can even record your blood pressure, heart rate, count your steps and track many other physical activities. Not only that it can do a lot more work like setting up the alarm, helps you in finding a path with GPS in it. It allows you to check notifications and receive calls on it also you can find your smartphone with the help of your smartwatch.

In this post, I am going to talk about some of the best upcoming smartwatches which are going to change the way you think about the future. The smartphone companies now tend to prefer smartwatches due to an increase in the demand for smartwatches in public. From Apple to Samsung and Google all are busy making their new innovative watches. There are tons of awesome devices that are expected to get launched this year 2020. So let’s check out the best upcoming smartwatches.

Oppo Watch

Oppo is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of smartphones, but along with this, they also keep on trying some other gadgets and technology. Now there is a strong rumor about its upcoming new smartwatch which is expected to come with a curved 3D glass. The device’s render looks very stunning and similar to the Apple smartwatch. You can look at the image above tweeted by Oppo’s Vice President, where he stated about its 3D screen and curved screen of the smartwatch.

The device is expected to launch with top-end features like you will be able to do ECG, measure BP and heart rate and track other physical activities.

Huawei Watch 3 aka X and GT 3

The new upcoming smartwatch from Huawei is rumored to arrive for so long. It’s been years since we saw a successor to Watch 2. The new smartwatch from Huawei will be launched at CES 2020 as expected by market analysists.

It will run on the top Android wear Operating system.

Also, there are some chances to discontinue Watch 3, because they are already launching their series of smartwatches in the GT name tag, where recently we have seen the GT 2 watch from the company. So there are more possibilities for GT 3 watch instead of Watch 3, but I am really not sure that they will discontinue it or not.

Pixel Watch

We all know well about the Pixel series of smartphones they are known for the best innovative features. Google is rumored to launch its smartwatches last year, we were accepting to see their smartwatch with Pixel 4 Series smartphones, but it never happened. However, some market sources are confirming that Google Pixel Watch is in making and we can soon see it with their upcoming smartphones in 2020.

With that device, we will see the best use of Google Assistance and features. They are known for their futuristic innovations and I am sure that the Upcoming smartwatch from them is going to be an Apple killer. It is only one company that can outrank Apple watches in all the aspects.

In terms of specs and features, we are going to see a Qualcomm smartwatch Wear 3100 Processor which is the latest and high-end till yet in the market. There are also chances that it can be launched with some new upgraded processor. Also, the watch will be packed with map direction and all other advanced features like sleep monitor, step counter, BP, heart rate monitor, and ECG.

Microsoft Surface Watch

We have not seen a Microsoft Surface phone till now, not even a single phone in the series has been launched. But it is being said that we may see a Surface phone along with the Surface Watch in 2020 or maybe in 2021.

No its not a prediction there are very strong rumors for the Surface watch and it is also being said that the same Surface Phone team in Microsoft is now looking and taking care of the watch department. That’s why we believe that there will be a Surface Watch along with the Surface phone.

Yes, we have never seen a Smartphone and Watch but Microsoft’s Surface brand gadgets are very well known to the world. They offer a list of awesome products under this department like Laptops, hybrids, and PCs.

OnePlus Smartwatch

From being a small unknown smartphone company to the top 10 in the world OnePlus made huge achievements in a few years. It has come a long way Only because of its best quality budget-friendly smartphones, which is even preferred by phone lovers who don’t have a huge budget to get iPhone and Samsung flagship phones.

Also, the company is trying its hands in other industries as well, like headphones, earbuds, power banks, TVs. It is also expected to launch new flagship smartphones named as OnePlus 8 and 8T  very soon.

They had a plan for the smartwatch which was canceled in 2016 but now a recent report is indicating that its smartwatch is going to make a huge appearance. However, that twitter user hasn’t mentioned any tip about the design and specs of the device. But as you can look at the drawing of the device which was first appeared in 2016, so with that we can expect them to come with same circular design and could run on the latest Android wear OS.

Apple Watch Series 6

The greatest and smartest company in the world is always on a race for their upcoming smartwatch. But we should say that they set the standard in the market about the upcoming technology and the rest of the companies follows them for it. We shouldn’t forget about their recent and one of the most successful Apple Watch Series 5. But the chirm started for their new device called the Apple Watch Series 6. 

The market is full of information about Watch Series 6. If 9to5Mac to be believed which is so far the most reliable source. It reports that the new upcoming device will have the power to detect blood oxygen saturation levels also long-awaited sleep tracking. The Watch Series 6 will have more new faces for your watch also there will be an option to customize your own watch faces using the images like family photos. The watch will also pack lots of parental control features to make sure about the security and guidance of your kids.

Recent news says that the upcoming smartwatch from Apple could be packed with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a new circular shape design this time instead of rectangular. It is expected that Apple will announce its new watch with its upcoming smartphone which is iPhone 12. The price of the new device can be around $500 as per the market speculations which is not at all confirm.     

I hope that you liked our list of best upcoming smartwatches in 2020. Let me know if you need to know anything else regarding these watches or wanted me to change or add something else. In the future, I will make sure to keep updating this list whenever I get some news regarding upcoming watches in the market. So till then stays tuned.

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